TBird Merge - 1.3

Here is a program to take two different Thunderbird/Mozilla/Netscape sets of mail files and merge them into a single files on each Windows PC. Then run your favorite duplicate remover and you now have cloned all your mail files. I have two computers with very active emailing and like to keep all message on all computers so I wrote this to do so.

When you run the program you choose the two folders where the mail files live. Any drive can be used, even mapped ones. When the folders are selected you then are shown only those files that exist in both locations. The program will display any file with no extension as a mail file. You then check which ones you want to merge, also the option to back up the files is there (strongly suggested!). Once that is done and the merge begins, the original files will be backed up (if chosen), the two files merged together, copied to both folders and the original files deleted. All that needs to be done then is to removed the duplicate messages from each mail file using your tool of choice.

Jeff Givens

31 July 2006

v1.0 Initial release, 29 May 2006

v1.1 22 Nov 2006 Fixed a EOF bug that was weird with the OPEN ... INPUT in VB. Was giving EOF although in the middle of the file, but not all the time. Changed to BINARY and all seems ok now. The above was also sometimes not giving an error but not reading all of a file. This was also fixed by going to BINARY.

v1.3 09 Feb. 2007 Fixed divide by zero error for lof=0 in pct done calculation.

Download the file here: http://fatdrunkandstupid.org/mozilla/tbirdmerge.zip


My junky program has been superseded by a much much nicer and cleaner extension, "Remove Duplicate Messages". You'd be better with this one.




This is a lame little program to remove duplicate entries in the Mozilla/Thunderbird 'Sent' folder. There is a great extension to handle all the other folders. It can be found at:


However, it doesn't work in the 'Sent' folder as there are no message headers. So I wrote this crappy program to sort out mine as I had over 30k messages after consolidating a bunch of Pegasus accounts.

I had a slight problem with the file after converting from Pegasus using MAILCONV (http://www.dragon-it.co.uk/pegasus.htm). For some reason the output file had a bunch of LF characters without a corresponding CR character. This caused my program to fail in some instances. Thus, I wrote a companion program, CRLF, to find 'orphaned' LF characters and add a CR ahead of them. This is included with the download.

See the readme.txt file for contact info.

Download the file here: http://fatdrunkandstupid.org/mozilla/dupedelete.zip

Jeff Givens

16 April 2005